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What does a Managed Service Provider do?

In our re-launch of our new website, we wanted to try to help answer some of the questions that we’ve been asked by our customers – What is an MSP? Or what does a Managed Service Provider do? There is a lot of different opinions of what an MSP is and how do we differ from a consulting firm or Value-Added Reseller (VAR). As an MSP, we can provide a unique set of skills and solutions that clients are searching for.

Maybe you have a friend of family member who help with computer troubleshooting or when you need new hardware or software you run down to the local computer shop or open a web browser to your favorite online retailer and look for the cheapest price. An MSP acts as your closest advisor, someone who dives deeper to understand how you do business and be your advisor. An MSP works to be your “inside” company to build and deploy cost effective solutions so your employees can keep productivity at an “optimum operating level”.

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