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Voice over IP - deciding what is right for your business use case

On-Prem vs. hosted vs. Hybrid – Choosing the right VOIP System for your business

Email, web, and social media have become standard business tools, smartphones and business office phones are still as important as ever.  Long gone are the days of having to carry expensive analog phone lines, and behemoth PBX systems;  as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers can now provide you a seamless service that installs in minutes and provides you the flexibility of a complete phone system. 

Unbelievable Hosted PBX Savings Calculator Success Stories

Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save moving to Hosted PBX

Recently, we set out to prove our claim that businesses can “save 50% or more moving to Hosted PBX.” And prove it we did!

How to Be Unpopular in the Hosted PBX Cost Savings Study

Our Hosted PBX Cost Savings Study is here!

We love a good challenge. So when we were challenged to prove our “50% savings on Hosted PBX” claim, we couldn’t wait to dive into the numbers.

And a deep dive it was.

Our study looked at the phone bills of 19 small and medium sized businesses, and how much they paid upfront when their phone systems were installed.


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